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Private Company Index Selects The Connors Group as a “Top Ten Growth Company” for Q4 2009.-March 2010

The Connors Group was founded in 1999 by a group of professional traders led by Larry Connors, along with industry leaders. The Connors Group now has offices in  New Jersey.

What We Do

The Connors Group is dedicated to applying the power of quantitative analysis to financial market trading data in order to understand how markets really work. We apply the findings of our research to build statistically validated trading methodologies and systems that can be used by institutional and individual investors to make their trading decisions.

The Connors Group product mix encompasses a range of professional-grade solutions for both institutional and individual clients. These products include:

  • Books  – The Connors Group has published a number of books and trading guides, related to quantitative trading.

Works include:

Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies

How Markets Really Work 1st and 2nd Edition

Short-Term Trading Strategies That Work

High Prob ETF Trading – Rated One of the Top 10 Investing & Trading Books of 2009 by SFO Magazine

Buy The Fear, Sell The Greed; 7 Behavioral Quant Strategies For Traders

  • TradingMarkets™ Swing Trading College – The TradingMarkets Swing Trading College is an intensive 10-week program designed to give you the strategies and the tools to systematically manage your money. 
  • Programming in Python For Traders™Our proprietary 10-hour “Programming in Python For Traders” course is designed to help you move from the closed source, retail world and move you into the open source professional, trading world in just 5 weeks.
  • Advanced trading systems and methodologies for short-term trading – our systems cover a wide range of trading needs, taking into consideration ROI goals, levels exposure, risk-levels, etc.
  • PowerRatings – a quantitative rating system for equities and ETFs.